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3/10/2007 The band has had to take a little break this month. Bass Player and Lead Vocalist KC Vinck will have orthoscopic surgery on his knee March 26th to repair his medial meniscus. He had to play the 2 shows on February 24 sitting on a stool and walking on crutches. KC expects to be close to 100% for the North Lauderdale Days concert on April 28th. when The Big Dogs will introduce Glen Wexo on drums. The band is looking forward to performing several of their original songs at this concert.
2/28/2007 We were privileged to perform at the Hit the ROAD for Autism benefit last month at Tobacco Road. Autism affects so many people. It was stated in a recent report that currently 1 in every 150 children are diagnosed with autism and they don’t even know what causes it. This cause hits home with The BIG DOGSDave Stumacher, himself has an autistic child. Terri Becerra put a lot of work into organizing this event for the Autism Society of Florida (and the Dade and Broward chapters). They gave away lot of great door prizes and everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed our music.
1/2/2007 Happy 2007…Those 400 to 500 of you at Mel's party on on New Years Eve know what a blast it was. Great food, lots of booze, fireworks, a DJ and The BIG DOGs. We should have some good pictures from the profressional photographer to post soon. Great job Mel!
12/25/2006 Merry Christmas….Today we are playing at the last Miami Dolphin home game of the season. Thanks to every one who stopped by to see the show all season. (some of you didn't even go to the game). We had a great time all season long. Thanks to Big 105.9 and the Dolphin organization for giving us the opportunity and we're looking forward to a ongoing relationship.
12/10/2006 I want to thank Edgar Mamon of West Palm Beach for placing video he took of the band performing at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida on . There one of us playing All Right Now by Free and our version of a Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and another with Led Zepplin's Rock and Roll and Long Train Runnin by the Doobie Brothers. This show was probably 3 or 4 months ago and none of us recall being filmed. Youtube provides a means to be able to place the video on our web site. Edgar put a lot good work into producing this video an I can't thank him enough for doing this.
9/2/2006 We really enjoyed playing for Dolphin Tailgate party last Thursday. It was a pre-season game and the attendance was light for a Dolphin game but we received a tremendous response from everyone there. Check out the pictures of the show in our photo gallery. The next Dolphin home game is September 17th. We'll begin our show about 2 hours before the start of the game.
8/30/2006 Tropical Storm ERNESTO caused us to cancel the August 29th gig at the Hard Rock. We will return there on September 5th performing our first ever Unplugged show inside the Hollywood Choppers store. September 26th we'll be back again...outside Hollywood Choppers and fully plugged.
8/23/2006 It's official, The Big Dogs and Big 105.9 (the Big Dog) have partnered to entertain the throngs of Dolfans arriving and leaving Dolphin Stadium at the Miami Dolphins home games this year. We will be set up just inside gate F and play before and after the games. Big 105.9 will have a big inflatable dog and a tent just outside the gate. We've heard that the Dolphin Cheerleaders and some Dolphin alumni players will be hanging around with us as well. It all starts Thursday August 31, 2006.
8/15/2006 Some of you have noticed we have been using a different drummer this past month. We enlisted the services of Donny LaStella on drums after Tom informed us he had fractured his foot. Donny, who also plays with local favorite "The Storm" has played several gigs with us and has done a fantastic job.
8/1/2006 We were contacted by Big 105.9 about playing the tailgate partiy at Dolphin Stadium for all the home games this season. Details are little sketchy right now as to the times of the show and where they'll put us. Big 105.9 is the Miami Dolphins FM broadcast partner this football season. The first Dolphin (Pre-season) home game is August 12th.
7/15/2006 Look for our ad in the August issue of Wheels On The Road magazine. We have received a couple of mentions in the magazine from playing Peterson's Harley 10th anniversary, Jakes 2nd Anniversary Party and some Café 27 gigs.
7/12/2006 Tom is back! After spending months away on another project, Big Dog drummer Tom McWilliams has rejoined the band and will be performing with us starting at the Hard Rock gig on August 15th. Dave Stumacher (guitar & vocals) has also returned after being away for a few months.
6/5/2006 My friend Andy Pechenik emailed this photo today he took will driving on I-95. Nothing like free advertising. I imagine the thanks goes out to our truck driver friends from the Café 27 gigs. Café 27 is adjacent to a big truck stop.
4/14/2006 There has been a few personel changes over the last month. After a year as a BIG DOG member Dave Stumacher, who originally joined on a temporary basis, has decided to take an indefinite leave from the band. Dave needed the time to deal with his present circumstances. Don't be surprised if we see Dave pop back in for certain occasions.
Another addition to the band was Fred DePompa who replaces Kenny Q on drums. Fred was a previous BIG DOG member in 2004 and has jumped back in like he hasn't skipped a beat. Fred's first gig will be at Cafe 27 tonight and Sunday.
We appreciate the job Kenny Q has done filling in these first few months of 2006. Kenny plays regularly with his two other bands Spontaneous Combustion and Hangin With Brody
3/31/2006 Many more internet music services are now carrying our songs for digital download. The list now includes:
Appl iTunes
Buy Music
Digital Kiosk
Liquid Digital Media
Loud Eye
MSN Music
Sony Connect
Iriver Media Online
MOD System
Choice Records
Verizon Wireless
2/25/2006 You may have noticed from the photo gallery pictures that we often raffle a guitar at our gigs. The most recent raffle was at Peterson's Harley Davidson 10th Anniversay this past weekend. The proceeds have been going to help pay medical, transportation and livings expense for John Pedro Andrade who lives in Brazil. John pedro has a rare case of Muscular Dystrophy. Marco met John Pedro on one of his trips to Brazil and pledged to do what he could to help him. For more than a year Marco has been able to get guitars donated or provided at a discounted price from Sam Ash Music store and raffle them to raise money to send to John Pedro. For more information on John Pedro and this charity click here.
12/22/2005 Drummer Tom McWilliams is currently working on another project and will not be available for upcoming gigs. In the mean while we have asked Kenny Q of Hanging Wth Brody and Spontaneous Combustion to play drums for The Big Dogs. Here is a press release explaining what Tom is doing.
Monstro Visionary Entertainment is excited to announce Rocker LAUREN HARRIS!In March of 2005 Lauren started working with Monstro Visionary Entertainment and is currently recording her debut CD with Multi-Grammy nominated writer/producer Tom McWilliams.
Twenty One year old Lauren Harris is the oldest daughter of Iron Maiden leader/founding member Steve Harris. Lauren literally grew up on Music and was constantly around the music industry. It was only natural that Lauren wanted to sing and hopefully one day make her own mark as an artist.
11/11/2005 The 5 songs on our promotional CD Warning! The BIG DOGS Inside have been distributed to a few digital music download services on the internet and they have been very popular. We've had 65 downloads according to this month's report. An Outlaws Song, One Good Reason and Girl From Tennessee all did well but the surprise was I'll Be Waiting For You which sold twice as many as the others. So far we're on Apple iTunes, MusicNet, MSN Music and Rhapsody. Many more services be coming online over the next several weeks. The CD has also been made available through Tower Records online.
10/18/2005 The Cancer Benefit for Lana of The Blue Cricket was a great success. It was a real pleasure to perform at this event. We also want to thank Kenny Q who was our stand-in drummer for the day. He's the guy with the constant smile in the pictures.
9/15/2005 NEWS update - The band has not done any pubic performances over the summer and some members have been busy on other projects. We now have some upcoming public shows to announce. 4:00 pm Saturday - September 17th, 2005 at the Hollywood Beach Clam Bake. October 16th, 2005 at Canal 14 in Lake Worth for a cancer benefit. Mike Rudolph from River Down will be standing in for Tom McWilliams on drums at the Clam Bake.
5/10/2005 Today marks the release of our 5 song promotional CD Warning! The BIG DOGS Inside. The CD will be used to market the band to promoters and the public. It is available for purchase on this site and with CD Baby. We will also have them at our shows. Digital downloads of the songs will be available soon.
4/26/2005 The appearance for BIKENight at the Seminole Hard Rock Paradise needed to be re-scheduled. The new date is May 10th, 2005.
4/21/2005 The band was asked to make another appearance for BIKENight at the Seminole Hard Rock Paradise on May 3rd, 2005.
4/8/2005 The new design for the Warning! The BIG DOGS Inside CD and cover has been approved. A re-release of the CD is planned for May 2005. The CD will be available for purchase on this site and with CD Baby. Digital downloads of the songs will also be available.
3/29/2005 The Big Dogs have added Dave Stumacher to the band to play guitar and additional vocals. Dave's first performance with the band will be April 12th 2005.
3/25/2005 The band has scheduled a Tuesday show at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Paridise on April 12th 2005 6pm - 10pm. This is an outdoor venue free to the public and could be first of many apperances there.
3/5/2005 The band will not be available for live performances until after April 6th due to some prior traveling commitments of a band member.
2/20/2005 The BIG DOGS welcome two new sponsors. US Foam and Coatings, Inc., Omega Consulting Group
2/17/2005 The BIG DOGS offers web links to businesses that sponsor the band. We thank South Florida Rehearsal Studios in North Miami Beach, Sam Ash Music in Miami Lakes, Big Dawgs Sports Café in Pembroke Pines for being our first sponsors.
2/16/2005 TBD Music, LLC is formed to manage the band's business. This Limited Liability Company will do business as The BIG DOGS (registered ficticious name) as well as ARF Founder Records and ARF Founder Publishing.
2/2/2005 Ron Taylor has withdrawn from appearing at the Mardi Gras Festival 2/5/2005 and will not be performing with the band for an undetermined perioid of time due to some personal obligations.
1/15/2005 The band is scheduled to play at Hollywood Mardi Gras Festival Saturday February 5th 2005. This is an outdoor venue free to the public with several other bands performing also.
1/6/2005 The BIG DOGS have created a NEW Web site. It is a work in progress at this point. Look for music samples, photos from gigs, band news and show schedules in the future.
1/2/2005 Tom McWilliams former drummer for Jon Secada's band, songwritter and producer for the Estafan (Miami Sound Machine) organization has rejuvenated the Big Dogs by offering to be the band's drummer.
10/15/2004 A show has been scheduled at the Big Dawgs Sports Café on Halloween. Ron Taylor, a keyboardist who formerly toured with the Bellamy Brothers, has joined the band to play keyboards for the upcoming show at Big Dawgs in Pembroke Pines.
10/1/2004 After a long hiatus, Marco Cochiaro (guitar, vocals) and KC Vinck (bass, lead vocals) have reformed The BIG DOGS and have started rehearsing with Elvis Barnett (guitar) and Fred DePompa (drums).